9000+Hours Continuous Operation Fully Reveals the Excellence and Endurance of XCMG Equipment in Australia
2017-08-10 14:16:14

9000+Hours Continuous Operation Fully Reveals the Excellence and Endurance of XCMG Equipment in Australia

Just as the famous Greek writer Aesop put it, excellence is defined by quality rather than quantity. For ages, this definition has been a belief to people from all walks of life. Nowadays, XCMG has summarized a concise expression based on its decades-long experience: Leading Technology and Everlasting Products. Being the essence of XCMG rich corporate culture, the expression has become the golden standard for all its employees. Continuous operation of XCMGs hydraulic fuel cylinders for more than 9,000 hours keeps your machines free of unexpected breakdown. Never be worried about high temperatures and dusts any more.

Australia is one of key iron ore producers around the world. Here, in the hot dry climate, with outdoor temperatures in summer often being as high as 50, a large excavator usually runs non-stop more than 20 hours a day, serving 4-5 ore dump trucks plying between sites in mining areas, and must maintain good coordination with other devices, such as land levelers.

According to Director of Mining Equipment, if a fuel cylinder fails, large lifting equipment has to be needed for repairs, resulting in long downtimes (at least 3 days), high costs and potential safety hazards. In addition, difficulties in their disassembly, cleanliness, safety measures, and workspace limitations are also problems for their users. However, having them repaired at maintenance stations is even costlier to customers due to trailer transportation and longer delay.

Since 2014, XCMG Hydraulic Equipment Division has cooperated with a mining giant in developing and supplying spare parts for large mining equipment, including standby fuel cylinders for 360-T excavators and 200-T loaders. Thanks to their long service life, these products are widely used in the mining area, including swing arms, bucket rods and dippers for 360-Texcavators, and have won high recognition and praise from the operator, with their continuous operation without any failures for 9,051 hours, far longer than the specified duration as set out in the cooperation agreement.

Sticking to its Golden Standard of Leading Technology & Everlasting Products, XCMG has firmly built a brand of hydraulic component for the world!

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