XCMG XZ320E Horizontal Directional Drills Shine at Trenchless Indonesia 2017
2017-09-08 13:43:42

XCMG XZ320E Horizontal Directional Drills Shine at Trenchless Indonesia 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia - August 30-31 - XCMG exhibited XZ320E horizontal directional drill, a new product of great significance and the star of E series horizontal drills at Trenchless Indonesia 2017.

E series is designed and tailored for high-end markets

Technical performances of E series horizontal directional drills have been tremendously improved in terms of safety, environmental protection, intelligence, optimization of operation system and design. In particular, some technical parameters have reached leading level both in domestic and international markets. The configurations of E series products conform to the Phase III emission standards introduced by European countries and the U.S. The comfort of operation is also aligned to international standards and much more improvements and optimizations have been made in terms of operation safety, maintenance and the easiness for repair.

The debut of E series horizontal directional drills not only shows XCMGí»s technological merits, but also demonstrates the companyí»s full preparation for leading the upgrading of demands in the trenchless sectors among countries covered within the framework of Chinaí»s í░Belt and Roadí▒ Initiative.

XCMG innovatively initiated the í░technical crowd fundingí▒ during the R&D of E series. With its technical center as the í░central poolí▒, the company pooled together external scientific research institutions and suppliers, so as to find best solutions and approaches to technical problems.

XCMG horizontal directional drills is designed and tailored for special working conditions. Furthermore, it can make improvement and adjustment according to usersí» demands for different products so as to meet specific and differentiated demands. For instance, the horizontal direction drills are equipped with dual-wall drill pipes which can drill hard rocks, suitable for working in narrow space. í░In terms of the pull-back force ranging from 16 to 660 tons, XCMG products are capable to meet the demands of almost all visible working conditionsí▒, said an Indonesian user.

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