Cool tech of Beiben:Bendable leaf spring
2017-09-11 17:19:52

Cool tech of Beiben:Bendable leaf spring

When we mentioned the leaf spring, we are no stranger, it is the most commonly used spring suspension components, parts, although the role is small.

But have you been heard of s-radian leaf spring?

s-radian leaf spring is the North Benz heavy truck unique Mercedes-Benz technology leaf spring - When the vehicle is no load, the back plate spring in the straight state or both ends slightly higher than the middle part; when the vehicle is overload, the middle of the plate spring height , Both ends of the low position, the formation of anti-back form.

Maybe you will be curious,what are the advantage of s-radian leaf spring compared with ordinary leaf spring?

Ordinary leaf spring high value, raising the center of gravity of the vehicle, resulting in its anti-roll ability is poor, but the Bendable will not be the case, it reduces the plate spring high, to ensure high vehicle through, while reducing the vehicle center of gravity, stability.

Beiben s-radian leaf spring

No-load status

Overload status

Ordinary leaf spring

No-load status

Overload status

Not only that, the general leaf spring to bear the load, the vehicle compression stroke, the upper and lower bumps serious, driving experience is quite bad, and s-radian leaf spring due to stronger bearing capacity, reduce the frequency of the wheel beating, vehicle ride smooth, Take a comfortable experience.

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