How to do well the maintenance of Beiben truck after rain
2017-10-09 17:19:39

How to do well the maintenance of Beiben truck after rain

1, observe the condition after heavy rain

Compared with the cleaning of sludge, the North Ben driver may not be so clean the car surface, and even believe that rain is free car wash. In fact, after heavy rain, the truck should be cleaned in time, otherwise the tire is easy to accumulate sludge, brake lining will wear, but also reduce the braking performance. In order to prevent these most simple and effective way, the owner can prepare a piece of cloth for a simple wipe rain.

After the rain, the maintenance of the North Mercedes-Benz can not be ignored.

2, wipers and air filters should be maintained

In the rain, the wiper is the most frequent tool, the use of a long time may be adsorbed in the sand or leaves, a long time not to deal with not only will affect the driver's line of sight, but also the car glass will cause some wear and tear, so to clean , Water is the key to the use of glass wipers. Similarly, the engine air filter is an important part of the entire car, in the rain, the air filter is easy to enter the water. In particular, many automotive air filters are low to the ground, underwater road, once into a lot of sewage, may lead to serious mechanical accidents, and easily lead to connecting rod bending, bump phenomenon.

3, wipers are driving umbrellas on rainy days.

Electrical equipment and circuit inspection

Today, the North Benz truck has achieved electronic control engine configuration. In the rain, the driver friends often encounter engine start difficulties, and sometimes even do not want to start, but also unable to. Sometimes the radio is faulty. At this time, to check the battery, ignition switch, engine electronic control part, these electrical components, may be caused by leakage, disconnected. If the engine suddenly stop the movement repeatedly do not start the ignition, should wait for a period of time or check the circuit, or easily lead to engine scrapped, if it is due to aging leakage must be replaced in time.

4,without water

This problem is mainly for the use of dual vacuum assisted hydraulic vehicle hydraulic brake part, because the brake fluid transmission braking force has a strong water absorption, air humidity, brake fluid is easy to absorb moisture. If water enters the brake fluid, the high temperature friction produces water that will cause the air to be in the braking process. When the gas is compressed and compressed in the brake fluid, they may cause the brake to fail or even fail. At this time should be sent to professional repair shop in addition to water.

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