4 Beiben new distribution fire truck put into use
2017-10-17 10:47:19

4 Beiben new distribution fire truck put into use

In 13 September, the Hulunbeier Fire Brigade held a vehicle distribution ceremony to allocate three 45-ton semi-trailers and one refueling vehicle to the grassroots units.

The purchase of the North Benz heavy duty truck 45 tons for semi-trailer, with WP10.310E32 engine, the maximum speed of 140 km / h, extinguishing agent full load of 45 tons. Put into use, will greatly enhance the sea and the fire fighting and rescue work between the two places of war support capacity.

Hulunbeier region is vast, the climate is cold, the fire brigade to undertake the task of fire fighting difficult, heavy pressure. The fire force has been able to successfully deal with all kinds of disaster accidents, excellent completion of all kinds of urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy task, to a large extent benefited from the advanced vehicle equipment played a huge role. Detachment leadership requirements of all officers and men to continue to carry forward continuous combat, not afraid of fatigue style, and constantly strengthen the love of packaging awareness, as soon as possible familiar with the performance of new vehicles, comprehensively enhance the use of military equipment management level, fighting for fire fighting to provide more solid protection. After the ceremony, the factory technical staff on the new distribution of the fire engine technical parameters, the main performance and operational considerations on the fire officers and soldiers for the rapid training.

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