Keys to make Beiben loading more
2017-11-03 10:21:28

Keys to make Beiben loading more

Technology down nearly 1 ton - light enough

Frame: North Benz unique high-strength frame and connectors comprehensive weight loss 118Kg

Axle: Beiben unique high-precision integrated, integrated design of the Mercedes-Benz technology 440A single-stage slowdown bridge weight 351Kg

Suspension: Disconnect Balanced Suspension + Front and Back Parabolic Less Spring + Optimized Suspension Parts Design, Reduced Weight 185Kg

°§Balanced suspension: high strength material QT550-10, yield strength 550MP, weight loss 105Kg

°§Plate spring: high-strength steel, the use of high-density stress shot peening, fatigue life of up to 32 million times, is the national standard 4 times, weight loss 64Kg

°§Bearing: V push bearing forging process, more uniform force, weight loss 16Kg

Parts: earth floor rims, aluminum alloy applications, weight loss 316Kg

°§Rim: Lightweight new material High strength earth building rim, weight loss 88Kg

°§Air filter shell: lightweight metal air filter shell switch to plastic shell, weight loss 10Kg

°§Aluminum alloy materials used: fuel tanks, storage cylinders, gearbox, gear stand are made of aluminum alloy material, weight 218Kg

Strong bearing capacity - more loading

Frame: Technical weight loss, weight loss does not reduce the load - Baosteel E500TM custom high-strength special alloy steel: B10 life of 1.5 million Km

°§Stress analysis: According to the working conditions and load conditions, the girder CAE stress analysis, accurate analysis of stress distribution on the basis of technical weight loss: weight loss is not reduced

Axle: Beiben 440A bridge, rated load of 13 tons, the output torque of 40000Nm, through the small gear housing and the main reducer shell integrated structural design, weight loss at the same time effectively improve the carrying capacity

°§Pinion shell and the main reduction shell integrated design structure, high-precision shell to ensure the bearing capacity and reliability

°§Spiral bevel gear, face teeth, connecting bolts and differential shell integrated design structure, effectively improving the reliability of high load conditions

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