Fast,one of the advantages of Beiben tractor
2017-11-21 17:12:08

Fast,one of the advantages of Beiben tractor

Transmission module integration:the "Thousand Talents Program" experts, the United States chief designer Dr. Li Gongfu, a professional team led by the careful design and build.

To maximize the performance of low-speed high-torque engine, while the exact calculation through the full potential to achieve the minimum speed ratio of 2.846 North Bridge.

After AVL-Cruise power system simulation and actual verification, to achieve the best match between power and economy (maximum speed, economic speed zone, comprehensive fuel consumption).

Unique Mercedes design method: reserve power is higher than competing products 20%

Wheel drive force: the same configuration, North Benz tractor wheel maximum torque higher than competing products 12000Nm

Maximum climbing degree: North Pen 39.5%, 29% of competitive products, North Ben 10.5%

The most upscaling grade: North Bended 1.43%, 0.9% average bid, North High 0.53%

  • Beiben tractor 1 grade climb 39.5%, much higher than competing products climbing 30% and 28%;
  • Beiben tractor grade climbing grade of 1.43%, much higher than the competitive grade climbing 1% and 0.8%;

Retarder + in-cylinder braking, improve vehicle safety, reduce brake pads and brake drum wear, extend the service life of more than 3 times, make the vehicle downhill safe driving speed by 40%

You Shun Braking mode: Compression release and deflated composite brake, the WEVB brake system retains the butterfly valve structure, effectively reducing the noise under braking conditions

Braking power is high: Weichai Youshun brake system in 2100r / min braking conditions, the braking power up to 247kw, to ensure the safety and stability of the vehicle; compared with WEVB braking system, low-speed braking power Doubled

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