Three major advantages of beiben heavy-duty trucks
2017-11-24 13:24:21

Three major advantages of beiben heavy-duty trucks

safety - active and passive are safe

First, take the initiative to security - large field of vision + blind brake + auxiliary brake complete

,Large field of view: the visual area increased by 20%, wider visual range, no visual dead ends, enhance active safety; the use of large curvature, panoramic, laminated steel windshield, low deformation of the mirror, full field of vision; extreme conditions occur Collision, the glass does not splash, avoid fragments stabbed

,Mercurian sight glasses, forward and backward without blind spots: the main mirror, wide-angle lens monoscopic rear view mirror, wide field of vision, to meet the European ECE R46 standard. Mirror electric adjustment, wide field of view, electric heating defrost.

,Brake response fast, short braking distance: VOSS structure of the brake system, the brake system pressure to 10bar, compared with competing products brake response time is shortened 0.6s, 60km / h brake braking distance decreased 7.2m, a substantial increase safety。

High-efficiency auxiliary brake: Exhaust brake, cylinder brake, retarder and other auxiliary braking system to improve the vehicle downhill speed at the same time, reduce the brake frequency, reduce brake pads and brake drum wear and improve vehicle Operational safety

Second, the passive high safety - Mercedes-Benz structure + super-strength steel + collapsible steering mechanism + cab bounce technology

,Structural design concept leading: Mercedes-Benz double cavity structure + high-strength skeleton cab, effectively guarantee the cab interior living space

,Real material: cab selected 1mm thick ST12, ST14, ST16 custom high-strength special steel, high strength, impact resistance

,Collapsible steering mechanism: automatic collapse in the event of impact to ensure that the driver leg room for activity (North Ben patent: ZL200810175091.7)

,Cab bounce technology: The cab and frame connection assembly has been fully optimized in the event of a violent crash cab back 300mm, in case of a higher intensity impact, North Benz's unique cab automatically right after the top of the bomb From technology, to ensure safety of occupants


,Ergonomics Guarantee Easy Control: Look - Sit - Grip - Discontinued Designing Team with Scientific Design, Reasonable Layout, Centralization, Germany, Austria and the United States According to the Chinese body type, reasonably optimize the design to meet ergonomics requirements of different weights and different heights

,Smart steering wheel: 450mm diameter four-wheel multi-function steering wheel, feel good, easy to operate, with Bluetooth hands-free system intelligent control, improve the driving operation of intelligent, convenient

,V3ET cab with all-enveloping structure: in line with Chinese operating habits, V3ET glass lift, mirror adjustment mechanism operating convenience, at your fingertips

,Air suspension damping seat system: excellent seat wrap, can be achieved before and after, height, backrest, lumbar support, stiffness adjustment, rapid charge and discharge

,Low noise: NVH "Dissipative" acoustic system and acoustic package technology, outdoor noise reduced to 84dBA at a constant speed, 80d / h indoor noise reduced to 66dBA (equivalent to Mercedes), well below the industry standard 78dBA.

,Parking air-conditioning: the engine does not work can also provide cold, keep the cab cool and comfortable

,Independent warm air: Provide independent heat source device, winter cab interior warm as spring

,Driving air conditioning: driving air conditioning to the bus level, rapid cooling, heating, defrost efficiency of the country's leading

Good reliability - from Mercedes-Benz technology

Beiben heavy truck is the only full-scale introduction of Mercedes-Benz design drawings, manufacturing processes, production equipment, quality management system standards for heavy truck companies

,Mercedes-Benz belly belts with variable cross-section frame strength: the same time in the lightweight uniform stress distribution, effectively avoid the impact of variable load sabotage

,The use of German standard high-strength E500TM material: 1 million tons of press forming stamping, bearing capacity stronger, fully protect the manufacturing quality

,Use standard: European EN5015585 standard

,High-strength material: custom E500TM high-strength steel

,Anti-roll structure: stabilizer bar and V-type thrust rod

,Frame and Suspension System Structural Model: Frame Suspension System

Integrated Design Technology The impact of the road surface is reasonably allocated through the middle part (deformation area) and the flexible suspension system of the front wide and narrow variable cross-section frame to ensure Simultaneous response of wheels, suspensions and frames during vehicle operation effectively absorbs alternating impact loads, improves the grounding capability of the wheels and greatly improves the reliability and the transitability of the vehicle

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