V3MT big horsepower tractor came
2017-12-15 11:13:28

V3MT big horsepower tractor came!

In recent years, the market demand for high-power tractor has become more and more obvious. Beiben heavy-duty truck to meet the diverse needs of customers, with high reliability, high comfort, high safety, low self-weight, low fuel consumption known V3MT430 high-power tractor Grand appearance!

The cab of the V3MT430 high-powered vehicle inherits the domineering V-shape of the high-end North Benz V3ET. The vehicle adopts a lightweight design and is the industry leader.

V3MT high-powered tractor equipped with Weichai WP12.430E50 engine, Beiben 440A single-bridge, driving easier and more fuel-efficient. At the same time, the Beiben thermal management system developed specifically for the Beiben models matches the imported ¢ 714 fan to enhance the thermal balance of the engine.

V3MT high-powered tractor newly developed perforated head beam, lighter weight; tow hook from the front into the left front, upgrade the front protective assembly, increase casting support, upgrade forging traction hook, safer and more robust.

V3MT big horsepower tractor chassis with Mercedes-Benz fishbone belly-shaped cross-section beam, one stamping, high precision, high strength, light weight; load distribution is reasonable, bearing, anti-torsion stronger.

V3MT high-power tractor loaded V-type thrust rod to prevent the bridge in the rear shift around, the suspension system components in a more coordinated, reasonable and perfect, significantly enhance the vehicle's lateral stability, impact resistance, ride comfort and use life.

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