Beiben V3ET refrigerator truck could not come at better time!
2018-01-02 17:07:48

Beiben V3ET refrigerator truck could not come at better time!

In recent years, the emergence of the cold chain logistics industry, the demand for refrigerated cars on the market is bigger and bigger. More and more card friends want to buy refrigerated trucks. So how to choose refrigerated cars? It's very simple. Look first at the chassis and second at the top.

Beiben V3ET refrigerated truck uphold the V3ET "much faster and better" core buy point, the frame selected Baosteel E500TM customized high strength special alloy steel, B10 life of 1.5 million Km; Bridge assembly Beidai 440A Bridge, rated load of 13 tons, the output torque of 40000Nm, small Gear housing and the main reducer shell integrated structural design, bearing capacity, pull much.

V3ET refrigerated trucks using motion module integrated design, power and economy to achieve a perfect match; unique Mercedes-Benz design, reserve power is higher than competing products 20%; combined with retarder + cylinder brake, braking effect, Ping Road fast, fast climbing, downhill is also fast.

Beiben V3ET refrigerated compartment body with closed block building block structure, less seams, high sealing, between the plates by high-strength adhesive bonding, no leakage, no break, density, to ensure the sealability of the joints, the box Door through the high-strength steel fixed to ensure the car door open and closed tightness.

Beiben V3ET refrigerated compartment body selection of the world's top pure imported refrigeration unit, cooling capacity of 8425W / 0 , 5365W / -20 , the highest level of grade - "F" level.

Beiben V3ET refrigerator car body with the outer skin, inner wall of FRP, stainless steel floor material structure, door hinge with concealed structure, filled with polyurethane foam in the middle, is the lowest temperature, the best insulation material, envelope thickness 80-100mm, the overall The best insulation industry.

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