XCMG debut in Indonesia show
2018-01-15 13:27:56

XCMG debut in Indonesia show

Recently, Indonesia International Mining Equipment and Construction Machinery Exhibition grand opening in Jakarta. As the leading brand of hydraulic components in China, XCMG debuted this exhibition to bring heavyweight products of 200-ton excavator cylinders to the show, attracting customers both at home and abroad to stop and enjoy it and signed the spot orders of millions of mines for export of mines .

As the largest and most influential mining equipment and construction machinery exhibition in the region, this exhibition attracted the participation of companies and manufacturers in nearly 30 countries and regions. XCMG hydraulic parts company this time to bring 200 excavator cylinder to attend the show, to impress exhibitors. According to the working conditions of mining equipment, XCMG overcomes 10 key technologies such as high temperature resistant and impact resistant technology, high-speed motion support structure and small torque piston anti-loosening structure and mastered the core technology of large tonnage sets of hydraulic cylinders for mining. Reliability, stability and durability are the maximum protection, the overall performance has reached the international advanced level. This exhibition, XCMG hydraulic not only signed the spot on the spot, achieved sales breakthrough, there are also a number of mining companies expressed intention to buy XCMG tonnage hydraulic excavator, which will further enhance the XCMG's influence and visibility , Help Xugong in the national stage to create greater glories.

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