Four-door cab exported to Chile Beiben heavy truck passed the first prototype identification
2018-01-29 11:01:40

Four-door cab exported to Chile Beiben heavy truck passed the first prototype identification

In October 2017, the Import and Export Company successfully won the bidding of 100 heavy truck purchases by the Chilean government. Beiben V3ET high-end tractor, V3 special vehicles have been sent to Chile by the end of December 2017, the remaining 45 NG80B special vehicles after this sample appraisal, the completion of vehicle production delivery users.

The export of Chile's four-door model is the import and export companies based on customer proposed vehicle occupants must meet more than 5 people and specialized research and development of new products, but also import and export companies based on the needs of foreign market segments, based on the existing North Bund mature products, learn from Successful industry experience, the rapid introduction of new products. The product can not only meet the increase in the number of occupants, but also through the seat and other configuration changes, widely used in emergency rescue, water tanks, foam fire engines and other fields.

In the process of product development, I & E companies adhere to the vehicle consistency, reliability, cab sealing, interior crafts and other aspects of the chassis to maintain the sameness, focusing on the accumulation of existing technology, based on new products as a lever to promote North Ben technological product innovation of foreign trade, promote foreign trade business to expand into the new market. It is reported that the Chilean customers newly purchased 13 Taipei core advantage products - 4 4 SUV orders have started the contract performance.

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