With 13,000,000 km, UN Beiben transporters ply in Liberia
2018-02-06 13:21:16

With 13,000,000 km, UN Beiben transporters ply in Liberia

On December 10, 2003, 101 UN Beiben transport vehicles equipped China with Liberian peacekeepers to embark on this war-torn country and opened up the "blue helmets era" for our army in Liberia. Pursuant to the resolution of the Security Council, the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNPOL) will withdraw upon the completion of its mission on 30 March 2018.

The civil war broke out in Liberia in the late 1980s, killing 200,000 people and leaving 2.5 million people displaced. The presence of the UNMIIL is a sign of war full of dangers and challenges.

The China-Libya peacekeeping transport unit is the only specialized transport unit of UNLI. It is responsible not only for delivering fuel, living supplies and building materials to all the peacekeeping forces in Liberia, but also for implementing various kinds of temporary assistance such as UNHCR assistance material transport and Liberian general election security Emergency tasks.

UN Mercedes-Benz otruck vernight day and night in the land of West Africa, the busiest time, a day there will be dozens of cars were sent to perform more than a dozen directions. Unilever officials have witn analogy: "Unilever task is to promote the wheels of the Chinese transport unit to promote!"

In the civil war, Liberia's infrastructure was destroyed. Almost all the roads became red earth roads, the dust in the dry season was sheltered and the muddy water cross-flowed in the rainy season.

The UN Beiben transporter, which runs on bad local roads, was specially designed and manufactured by North Petrol Heavy Duty Corolla according to the requirements of the United Nations and the transportation supplies of the peacekeeping force. The vehicles have good climate adaptability, durability and safety and reliability, so that the transportation force attendance High, low failure rate, and efficient delivery of various UN missions. The excellent performance has been widely praised.

Exotic peace, everywhere "battlefield"! In the spring of 2014, a serious Ebola outbreak in Liberia and thousands of people died of illnesses. UNPROFOR even made the worst of its plans and demanded that all peacekeeping forces be ready to withdraw.

Crisis-head square was heroic character! Even in September and October when the outbreak was most serious, the Chinese troops in Lebanon and Libya kept their positions and laid a solid sky for the Liberian people.

China's transport units are even more non-stop, dispatching an average of more than 30 vehicles a day to transport drinking water and supplies for peacekeeping troops of various countries.

During the visit to Levi and China, the transport units in the country accumulated a total of 13 million kilometers of trips and transported 930,000 tons of various kinds of materials, which made a significant contribution to the smooth progress of the unification project and the promotion of peace in Liberia.

Today,conflicts in the region are still frequent and chaos continues. The Chinese military is actively participating in peacekeeping operations and is playing a greater role in safeguarding world peace and security.A large number of technologically advanced and reliable UN Beiben transport vehicles in the Sudan, Lebanon and other countries and regions have withstood the tests of the local sinister environment and fierce fighting, which has won the respect of the peacekeeping force, the local government and the public, and set up the ring in the mission area The "Chinese brand."

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